A Fond Farewell from the Sheerlund Forest Family

A Fond Farewell

It has been sixty years since our father first planted Sheerlund in Christmas trees, and the many Christmases since then have been a wonderful experience for our family. But sadly, all good things must come to an end.

We are all now past retirement age, and last summer we lost our wonderful general manager, Jon Paul Pierre (he left to go to graduate school at the University of Texas). So we were faced with a difficult decision about the future, and we have reluctantly decided not to continue the Christmas retail operation.

We will greatly miss all the Sheerlund Christmas festivities, and we will especially miss decorating all the live trees in the Ornament Shop. Most of all, we will miss you, our faithful customers, who have made Christmas at Sheerlund a unique tradition. We offer you our heartfelt thanks for all your years of loyalty and enthusiasm.

For those of you who want to continue the choose-and-cut tradition, we suggest you go to the Pennsylvania Christmas Tree Growers Association (PCTGA) website (christmastrees.org), click on "Find a Tree" and then on whatever county you are interested in. Of the five Berks County choose-and-cut farms listed on the PCTGA website, Plow Farms, on Morgantown Road (Rt. 10), Plowville, is probably closest to Sheerlund Forests. For those of you wishing to have trees drilled for your Stand Strait stands, we suggest you call Sheerlund Products at (800) 233-2958 for the farm closest to you.

We wish you all the very best.

Jane Reese George Sullivan Sue McCain
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